When we first spoke about coaching I was having difficulty in seeing the direction my current role and general career was heading and perhaps worse than that, didn’t know what to do about it – it all seemed to be a muddle from which I needed to create clarity.  This was the catalyst and basis of our coaching sessions.

We’ve had two sessions so far and each has resulted in me identifying some core issues and their solutions.  More than that, through the coaching I’ve created much of the clarity and direction I needed.

Six months on from our last session I’ve implemented a strategy which is giving me and my team real direction.  One issue I recognised was around formal training in a particular area.  This has now been addressed resulting in myself and two team members obtaining a qualification which I felt we needed to give us greater competence and credibility in the field of work we’re aiming to develop.  In the past few weeks we have become engaged in a number of large projects with major clients and involving various departments across our UK business.  This is a new challenge and ‘step up’ for my team which is perfectly aligned with our development strategy.

It feels that my role in the business is now moving forward with far more clarity, purpose and potential than it was nine months ago – something which I believe is largely due to the coaching sessions with Phil.
CK May 2017

Phil coached some key members of staff. His work had a great impact and really helped to turn them around, saving us a great deal of time and expense. 
Niall MacWilliams – Principal The Oxford Academy

Being coached by Phil has been a very positive experience. I looked at issues I was facing in a different way and was surprised by some of the answers I came to. Coaching has made a positive impact and change to my approach to work.
Oxfordshire Headteacher